Meteorological Buoy (MASS)

The services we have provided within the scope of Meteorological Buoys (MASS) projects;

  • Project and consultancy services
  • Float supply and installation
  • Supply and installation of peripheral equipment
  • Post-installation maintenance and repair services

Meteorology and Oceanography studies play an important role in planning before engineering activities, in marine-environmental protection studies and in tsunamis, cyclones, navigation activities, port management and coastal management, and in predetermining the hazards that may occur and reducing their effects.

Meteorological data constitute the measurement of basic parameters in marine engineering designs: Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Wind speed and direction. However, Air Quality, Solar Irradiance, UV Index, Lighting, Rainfall, Snowfall, etc., to study the long-lasting effects of these natural forces on land and sea installations. may contain other parameters.

Oceanographic data constitute the measurement of waves and sea currents. Wave height and wave direction data are collected in real time via buoys. Hydrodynamic models are created with this data, which is extremely important in any marine engineering design.